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Today is Easter, a day of solemn celebration for Christians. For The Game, celebration comes in the form of extreme generosity.

The West Coast emcee, whose last album was titled Jesus Piece, decided to leave a $6,000 tip at a restaurant. Taking a picture of the moment, Game confessed that he was drunk. He also decided to take a moment to remember the life of a friend of his who had passed away. Ultimately, the Game seems to be sending a message to all that at the end of the day, materialism is irrelevant, and that “memories never die.”

The Game has also tweeted at his waiter. Apparently, his name is Eme Ikwuakor, and according to his profile, he is an “Actor, Director, Producer, Editor, Screenwriter, and Triplet.” 

Mega music producer Paul Anka was a little peeved Jay-Z blew off his offer to collaborate on a song, but is adamant there is no bad blood between the two, he thinks Jay is a great guy. When we bumped into Paul earlier this week, he told us he reached out to Jay to do a track on his upcoming album “Duets,” but the rapper never called him back … which left him a little ticked off. But when we ran into Paul in Beverly Hills last night, he downplayed the whole ordeal and told our photog he doesn’t feel Jay-Z has to apologize for anything.Anka’s album, which features Dolly Parton, Celine Dion, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson and not Jay-Z is due out next month.

Who: Wacka Flocka Flame

When: 3/28/2013

Where: NYC

Shoe: Reebok Question Low “White/White”

Release: 3/22/2013

Earlier this month, pictures of Jermaine Dupri and Usher together in the studio surfaced. It was clear that the two were looking to get back to making some music, although the information was limited. And while there is still not any concrete details about the new music, there is now one more person to add to the mix. Young Jeezy was spotted in the studio with the two, and it appears the three of them are working on some new tunes. The results will be coming soon.

Congrats to Mr and Mrs IDIBIA.

Lil Snupe is an artist from Louisiana who is affiliated with Meek Mill. He was supposed to drop his upcoming R.N.I.C. mixtape today, but was forced to push that back until April. Instead, he decided to drop a track with his friend Meek, a song titled “Nobody.” The duo definitely appear to have some chemistry on record. Meek is definitely cosigning him heavy as well, tweeting his support publicly.

Tyler, the Creator’s new video “IFHY” recently got some love from Kanye West in the form of the front page of his website, Now there are no links or G.O.O.D. songs, just the face-melting Pharrell collaboration. 

Kanye has been known to take creative approaches to his videos, so perhaps this is a way to show appreciation for the budding auteur in Tyler, who has directed his own videos from the beginning of his career. This is reminiscent of when Kanye threw his Twitter support the way of “Yonkers” back in 2011. Hopefully, we get some more opinions like that from ‘Ye, or at least some more great nouns.

When you’re arguably the greatest rapper ever, you can afford to rock some of the world’s most expensive gear. However, like much of his music, Jay-Z is a man of the people, and likes to sport gear that your average kid would rock, too. The mogul was seen in a Billionaire Boys Club crewneck sweatshirt and crisp pair of Air Jordan Is. Let’s face it, everyone needs a break from their suit-and-tie once in a while. And you might as well look this cool, right?