Read Yemi Sax’ proposal note to his new fiancee, Shola Durojaiye

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Music

Saxophonist Yemi Sax proposed to his girlfriend, Shola, yesterday. Below is his proposal note to her. I posted it exactly the way it was sent to me…:-). Congrats to Yemi and Shola…
Adeshola Sholatayo Durojaiye…
The first day I met you Shola, my heart beats, and something said to me, this is the mother of your children and the woman specially made for you from heaven. This has never happened to me ever since I’ve grown up to be a man. I’ve met so many ladies but you are a rear germ and can’t be compared to any of them.

Today i look in to your eyes to tell u this
0. U are the true definition of love
1. U are the true definition of a good woman,
2.U’ve brought nothing but hapiness to my life
3.Your love to me is more than anything in dis world
4. You are the apple of my eyes
5. I love u so very much shola
6.I cherish u very much shola
7. I love the way u love and  take care of me not as a grown up man but as your baby
8. U’ve proofed to me that real love still exists
9. U are beautifull from inside and also from outside
10. Words can not express the way i feel for u and i pray today that God allmighty will crown your effort and always be with u everyday of your life.
11. Thanks for the joy,hapiness,growth,fufilment,new life,and love u brought to my life ever since i met you and thanks for bringing out the real man in me.
11. PLS PLS PLS, Adeshola,with humbleness,with sincerity,with no pride,with love, with emotions,with respect,and with joy from inside, mo fi oriade bee, I BEG YOU IN THE NAME OF  GOD ALMIGHTY,WILL YOU PLEASE MARRY ME? so that this joy i feel from inside will be forever.
(Adeyemi joseph olufemi Adeosun) a.k.a No 1 sax boss African sax oracle YEMISAX……

The ring presented to Sholatayo is an 18carat Gold ring with diamond stones cubic zircronia and black zephire stones.


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