Eva Alordiah and 3UD set to part company?

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Gist

Five months after parting company with Trybes Records, looks like rapper Eva Alordiah is set to part company with the 3rd Record label since her music career kick started. Rapper Eva kick started her career with PXC, then moved on to Trybes Records and as it is now, it is only a matter of days before she and  her  new management company 3UD part ways.

Eva and her (ex) boss Ugo Date exchanged few words on micro blogging website Twitter… What happened between both parties is not known, but according to Ugo, 3UD stopped working with the rapper since February 1st 2013. Read his Tweets

Eva responded to Ugo’s Tweet… “The people i wrote Mercy for finally caught their sub”. She went on to Tweet “Remember what they say about people who run their mouth first? What we do? Denge pose. Silence”
Eva deleted the tweets. But there you have it…


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