Azealia Banks Takes Offense to A$AP Rocky’s “Grooming” Advice

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Gist

Azealia Banks loves controversy, but, for once, does she have a valid argument? Last week, we shared an interview where A$AP Rocky discussed his personal grooming habits. At the end of the talk, Rocky admitted that he doesn’t like women with a darker complexion to wear red lipstick. Azealia Banks loves red lipstick.

Naturally, Banks took offense to Rocky’s statement and tweeted, “That comment was so hurtful. Like hurtful beyond measure. Coming from him especially…… It made me cry. It did.”

But, in true Yung Rapunxel fashion, Banks ended her tirade with shocking claims and accusations. “Some people should just come out of the closet.” Banks tweeted.

On top of that, Banks accused Rocky of swagger-jacking. “Especially since Rocky stole my hair style from the 212 video.” Banks concluded.

Does Banks have a legitimate point? Or did she take the jabs too far?

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