Ray J Compares “I Hit It First” Cover Art to Basquiat

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Gist

Ray J is still denying that “I Hit It First” is about Kim K and Kanye West. In his latest interview with The Boombox, Ray J explains that the song is about him and his lifestyle, and how he loves Tina Fey’s ‘swag.’ 

On his latest single, “I Hit It First”:

It’s about life. People are misunderstanding me when I say that it’s not about—it’s about me—I’m not saying it’s not about anybody. But the main subject is about me and how turnt up I am and just my lifestyle and what I’ve been through … more so than anything.
On the single art:

You know…some people say it’s a picture of Kim K that you just pixelated.And some people say it’s Basquiat … [Laughs loudly]. People have their own opinions about everything, you feel me?
On the ‘I had her going North and her ass going South, but now baby choose to go West’ lyric:

You know I wanted to represent the West Coast as best — you know as much as I could. So that was pretty much throwin’ up the W.
On wanting to perform on SNL, and how he wants to meet Tina Fey:

I would love to do SNL. I would actually love to hang out with the girl … she’s probably married but … what’s her name? Tina? Oh, she’s hot. She’s married? Well, she’s off limits. But she’s hot, she’s creative.   Love a funny, intelligent, independent woman. I love the glasses, I love her sense of humor, I love her dry humor and I kind of like her swag, you know, she’s sexy.

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