California Woman Found Guilty of Severing Husband’s Manhood

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Gist

Catherine Kieu, who was arrested for cutting her husband’s penis off and throwing it in the garbage disposal, was was found guilty yesterday. In July 2011, Kieu snuck sleep medication into her husband’s food, then severed his penis. In a move of pure evil, she tossed it into the garbage disposal, then turned it on. A remorseless Kieu allegedly told authorities that the man “deserved it.” 

Kieu’s attorney argued that she had been molested during her childhood while living in a community damaged by the Vietnam war, thus triggering serious mental problems. He added that Kieu’s husband forced her into having sex, despite being aware of her traumatic experience. He claimed her act of violence occurred because she was tired of being a “doormat.” 

According to Deputy District Attorney John Christl, Kieu refused to divorce her husband despite their troublesome marriage. She was given a way out, but instead went to drastic measures, which resulted in her being convicted of aggravated mayhem and torture. She could spend the rest of her life in prison.

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