Chris Brown Gives His Remaining Fans Photos and More with New App (Video)

Posted: May 17, 2013 in Gist

After the recent drop of Snoop Lion’s new app, Chris Brown has now released one of his own. “The Chris Brown Channel” gives his fans an exclusive look into his world via exclusive photos straight from his phone. The app also will provide videos, articles, and trivia features. There’s a website of the same name that also has content about the singer.

Users will be able to see Chris Brown be Chris Brown with the app, which is designed for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Have a look inside his closet. See him shoot some hoops in a mall. Accompany him on a roller coaster ride. See him smoke some pot.

The app claims that the content will be posted live. And although he is a bit of a pariah in the entertainment industry, his social media presence is undeniable. He has 30 million likes on Facebook and 12.5 million followers on Twitter. “I am so excited to get closer to my fans — to bring them into my world, hearing from me directly, in my own words wherever I am, whenever they want,” Breezy said. “Through my channel app, they can be part of my music, my art and my life, day in and day out.”

Breezy had his first “broadcast” on Wednesday in front of a piano saying hi to fans. He said, “Now all you guys can see me at all times of the day, keep up with what I’m doing… really. I appreciate you guys, man. I love you.”

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