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Photos tell stories. Whether it’s a yearbook picture, some classic family pics, or even those little league baseball cards, they capture memories that’ll last a lifetime. We’ve gathered pics of a number of your favorite—and maybe not so favorite—athletes when they were still wet behind the ears. Because it’s always fun to make fun of pics of other people’s younger days. Like Kobe making the growl face as a youngster or the fact that a young Michael Jordan resembles Joey Badass.

[2] Kevin Durant
Baby Durantalua used to pull up from halfcourt in CYO games.

[3] Lionel Messi
Fun fact: Messi’s youth club known as “The Machine of ’87” lost only one match over a four-year span.

[4] Peyton & Eli Manning
The Manning boys look less than thrilled to be taking this picture but Eli rocking that Jersey dress is great. 

[5] LeBron James
The turtle neck/cardigan game hasn’t been the same since.

[6] Alex Ovechkin
This is perfect! We wouldn’t expect anything else from the NHL’s craziest and most entertaining player. From that awesome hat to that cool knife and the really sweet Buffalo Sabres jacket, you know he was causing problems in elementary school.

[7] Russell Martin and Alex Rodriguez
Aww, check out these two precious little guys. One Yankee fans wish was still playing for the team and the other they wish would go away but keeps sticking around like that herpes simplex virus you picked up during spring break one year. Uhh, not that we know from experience or anything. Anyway, moving right along…

[8] Derek Jeter
You know he struck that kid out and then treated to poor guy’s sister to Pizza Hut.

[9] BJ Upton
If only his brother were in this photo then we could link that awesome Upton meme. Ah, fuck it.

[10] Dwyane Wade
The bow-tie and gold chain combo is undefeated.